Jenny + Varun

Often when there is a wedding that bring two people or two families from different traditions together there is compromise. Either one person's traditions for marriage fall by the wayside, or else there is an attempt to blend the two while never fully honouring either of them. What I loved about Jenny + Varun's wedding is that they fully incorporated traditions from both sides. It wasn't his or her wedding. It wasn't even just their wedding. It was a marriage of culture and tradition, it was the coming together of both of their families.

Happy Holidays

There has been a lot going on with Driftwood lately. This past season has certainly been our most busy and we are excited. Another big piece of news is that we recently acquired a Canon C100 and we have been looking for a chance to get to use it for a quick fun project. Last night we had the chance so got out friend Derek Hoffman to play a little tune.Check it out!