Christine + Mark

Meeting up with Christine and Mark for the first time felt more like getting together with friends than it did meeting with clients. We sipped on latte's and ate blueberry scones and talked about life and travel how and how they ended up living in the UK and planning a wedding (a second wedding) in Toronto.
They shared all the details that they had planned for their wedding, which included holding the reception at the gorgeous Steam Whistle Brewery in the heart of downtown Toronto. With the help of the wedding planner extraordinaire Rebecca Chan we knew this was going to be a stunning event. 

However, it wasn't the wedding itself we were most excited for; It was getting to know Christine and Mark and capturing the essence of who they are.

It was obvious right from the beginning. The way they interacted with one another, the way they laughed at each other's jokes and listened while the other talked. They are truly best friends.



There is something about the fall weather that makes me want to get out and explore. Whatever it is, I can't seem to get enough of scaling rocks and crunching leaves all while wearing my favorite sweater.

Walking around Sunnybrook Park with Kelsey and Ryan was such a perfect example of this. Climbing hills and exploring creeks and talking about everything from business to hobbies to pop culture and why we still like Justin Bieber, even after all of the dumb things he's done.


But more than walking and talking I got to see how Kelsey and Ryan interact with one another. They look deep into each other's eyes, laugh a lot, and aren't afraid to get close to one another even while I'm there with a camera. They are such genuinely kind people and I couldn't imagine a nicer way to have spent this fall evening.

Nate + Joanne

The first time I met with Nate and Joanne, I remember them telling me about the vision for their wedding; They said "Disney, but not cheesy". I was curious to see how they were going to pull it off, to say the least.

Now that the wedding has come and gone, and I have spent countless hours going through their photos and videos, I feel like I really know them. The best way that I can describe them is this: They are your favourite Pixar film. They are quirky and funny and sometimes a little cheesy. They are bright and colourful and when they smile, you can't help but smile too. Like a great Pixar film, they are also sure to make you cry. Their love is so authentic and powerful and it shows in the way that they speak to, and about one another.

So take a seat and enjoy their "Disney, but not cheesy" wedding story.